Online marketing

If you have a thousand products or five, we can help you develop your online presence with a super website, building an online shop and attracting visitors using SEO – optimising your website to be found by employing totally ‘white hat’ methods – all above board and no underhand techniques that eventually get penalised by Google.


Black hat and White hat SEO?

Basically the good guys and the bad guys of online marketing. The black hat techniques adopted by spammers are irritating to everyone – they draw us in to websites that are not relevant to harvest email addresses and personal information, filling up our mailbox with pointless rubbish about selling gold, buying viagra and weight-loss pills that don’t work.

The methods they use have driven Google to change the algorithms – they way Google ranks a website and therefore how high up on the page the website appears. Many websites suffered greatly when these changes were made, in many cases not really understanding why.


Black hat

Lots of SEO companies latch on to a technique that works and sell it to unsuspecting customers, for example “backlinks”. The customer pays £20 for a website company to insert links to their website from many others. This was a sure fire way of bumping your search presence as the linking from other websites endorsed yours and added credence to it. However spammy backlinks are not the same as genuine links from relevant websites and are easily discernable from the real thing.

This is a prime example of black hat technique – quick, easy fixes that may work in the short term but ultimately it is underhand and will not do anyone favours in the long run.


White hat

White hat techniques are honest, informative and focus on making the visitor experience  more interesting and enjoyable – putting the services and products on display so the visitor can easily find what they need.

The main focuses of modern websites for improved appearance in searches are mobile responsive design, social media and user interface and content. These white hat techniques ensure that your website will not be penalised in a future Google change and your website will continue to grow and deliver the message you need to potential customers.



If you are looking for a quick fix – adwords is a fantastic way to promote a special offer, event or launch of a product – positioning your self at the top of the search results for specific keywords can draw in customers that you would otherwise not reach.


Yep and we do all the other stuff too..

We also create advertising banners, emailers and adwords campaigns for existing websites as well. Undertaking online marketing to show off an offer, a special event or to boost sales during a quiet period – we create landing pages for adwords campaign, banners and cover pictures for Facebook and linking them up to your website.

Adwords campaigns can be very effective when done right, these require careful consideration of the correct keywords, location, landing pages and negative keywords. With all these factors included in your campaign you can attract extra customers by targeting specifics, great to kick start your promotion or fill up the last remaining places on a course.

“I have known Brett since 1999 and I have no hesitation in recommending him. he is a great bloke and a professional businessman and I would happily work with him again and use his services.”

Kerr Tyler

Chief Executive at Fit for Leadership Ltd