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Corporate Branding

Your brand can create immediate visual impact and can improve the way your customer, suppliers and investors view you and your products or services. A smart image conveys professionalism and reliability.

Your brand should be a visualisation of your company’s personality – creating the perfect image is something that should be thought through so as to get it right.

Branding is an excellent way of getting attention and ensuring that potential customers know who you are and what you are offering easily. Which can cover anything from business stationery, vehicle livery, clothing and online.

Do I need a logo?

A logo can be a visual catchphrase – distinctive and memorable, summing up the essence of your company and what you do.

A well thought out, beautifully created, simple logo can add to your business acuity – establishing your professionalism and reputation, a meaningful design can convey what it is you do quickly and clearly
This is especially useful if it is on the side of a van – your potential customer may well have time to grab your number rather than working out what your logo is supposed to be.

People also buy certain products because they like brands and what they stand for. Consistency and meeting expectations that are associated with that brand ensures a loyal following.

What makes a great logo?

Think about some examples of excellent logo’s – they have one thing in common and that is they are uncomplicated. Simple designs work best because they do not take a lot of working out and bold designs have impact that lasts.

The design needs to be original and of good quality. It is to go onto many different kinds of items, letterheads, business cards, or the side of a van, so you do not want to copy someone else’s, or have Microsoft Word type text effects.

If you print an advert in a newspaper, that logo will need to convert well to ‘greyscale’ – having distinctive tones that are not lost and no alterations are needed in the future.

It is also worth bearing in mind that having a multicoloured logo printed on 4,000 leaflets is going to cost a lot more than just choosing an appropriate single colour.

The Red Card Design steps to ensuring you get your perfect logo:

First and most important is the necessity to work together, this is about you, but with our experience we can help you add that all important professionalism to your branding.

Design brief

When beginning any design project you need a brief.

This is a two way street that involves a bit of time but gets us on the same page as far as the personality of your business and the market that you are appealing to goes.

We structure this session in the form of questions and answers and at the conclusion, we then read back what we feel is the way to proceed in terms of basic design and colours.

Preliminary designs

We take the ideas from the briefing session and create a selection of logos in greyscale, in different sizes so you can see which ones achieve their aim in the most attractive way and still look great whatever size they are.

The icing on the cake

When you are happy with a many shades of grey version we can then add colour – this will already be discussed in the briefing session but is usually explored further once the design is decided upon.

Final touches

The last stage ensures that you are 100% happy with every aspect of your new logo, we present your logo in an array of formats so you can check that it sits beautifully whatever medium you use and we make the final adjustments where needed or necessary.

Time scale

We have an excellent reputation for a quick turnaround of work – many years experience means we are well placed for customer satisfaction, so call or email and we can help you create your new brand.

“Brett has supported MAW Comms since 2007 creating two great websites and making sure our web presence is always first rate. He provides good practical advice and a cost effective service. His expertise has allowed us to compete online with agencies of any size based in London or wherever.”

Gordon Maw

Owner of PR agency MAW Communications and former Director of Communications at Virgin