booking system for covid

COVID web solutions

As well as offering great prices for clients in these ever changing times, we offer practical solutions to COVID restrictions, for businesses that offer products or services whether in a shop, hotel or restaurant.

COVID restrictions for businesses

Social distancing, time slots, changing information, all require great communication with your customers as well as practical, web based functionality to maximise your production and services.

Your website is key to running a service industry business efficiently and effectively.

Add-on solutions

We offer a simple, add on booking system for business to allow their customers to book their own slots, collect the necessary data required as part of government legislation and guidelines.

Above all we need to keep safe, and a contactless way of interacting with as many of your customers as possible and automating as much of your extra regulation is a great way to acheive this.

Low cost website solutions

Our simple, low cost booking system doesn’t even need to connected to your existing website, it can run completely independently, with separate (very low) running costs. So when this all blows over, we can disconnect it and turn off the costs. Alternatively we can retain your booking system for a small holding fee and switch it live again if another pandemic occurs.

Not just for COVID

Our simple booking systems are perfect for anyone looking to add that functionality to their business outside of pandemics. Perfect for restaurants and b&bs as it is easy to use instead of pen and paper and your customers do most of the work for you by booking themselves in.

**Website booking systems can also be synced with such online booking systems such as AirBnB and

Small business – affordable, friendly service

We work with our clients to provide a bespoke booking system that can be easily tailored to the specific needs of their business – waiting lists, last minute bookings and many more little extras.

If you are looking for a booking system for COVID restrictions, or for every day business improvements give us a call to discuss how we can help you, we are based in Norwich but have clients all over the UK. With the explosion of Zoom-like software, Skype meetings mean we can have great relationship from afar! Call us on 01603 447667 or email on


“Brett is a great designer and very responsive to clients needs – easy to work with and fun to work with. A great character and delivers great work.”

Charles Darley

Former Director at BGD Group