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Case study: KAPAP UK

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KAPAP UK is a martial arts system that has it's roots in the Israeli military.  A dynamic system that is constantly evolving, adopting methods that focus on effective relative positions and points of contact to disarm, protect and evade harm.

The previous website was a duplicate of several others and was lacking on visual appeal and substance. This was a complete overhaul, using the very adaptable Wordpress as a CMS, this was a superb project that has required the ability to add and remove national clubs over time. The updating of the news area with articles and stories was prime and as part of the Avi Nardia Academy, part of a big re-design to bring the branding in line with the leading website.

KAPAP UK benefited from several adword campaigns to fill the places on the instructor courses that are run over the course of a year.

This is an ongoing project with many ideas in the pipeline.

The website will utilise a subscription area for paid access to certain areas on the website that feature media content.


“Many, many thanks for all your work and advice in creating my new website and getting it online so efficiently. Many of us are aware that more often than not sales are now made online, I was really relieved to finally find you and your web services after talking to others before who failed to understand that many of us who run businesses have no idea of web design or search engine optimisation, dealing with you was a personal stress-free experience and I look forward to your continued support. Traditional values in an ever changing modern world.”

Fraser Christian

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