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We do not store any personal information received via our website.


Data collection and sharing

We collect information in our contact form, such as name, email address and telephone number, but this is not shared with anyone and we do not sell data to any third parties.



Cookies are packets of data that your computer stores in order to make your visit to websites easier.These cookies can be prevented by you using settings on your computer as well as changing the settings so that you only store those from certain websites.



Part of using cookies is website analytics. These provide anonymous data about your visit to the webmaster who can see how long you spend on a website as well as pages viewed and the keywords you typed into Google to arrive at that website. This provides the website with valuable information about how we can improve our website and make it easier for customers to find us.


“Many, many thanks for all your work and advice in creating my new website and getting it online so efficiently. Many of us are aware that more often than not sales are now made online,¬†I was really relieved to finally find you and your web services¬†after talking to others before who failed to understand that many of us who run businesses have no idea of web design or search engine optimisation, dealing with you was a personal stress-free experience and I look forward to your continued support. Traditional values in an ever changing modern world.”

Fraser Christian

Coastal Survival - instruction in off-grid living and surviving using the bare essentials, materials scavenged and put to good use. Highly qualified on the South coast for anyone who wants to fish, forage and thrive.