• Bwell gym website design and Wordpress content management system

Case study: Bwell gym

Services provided: User interface design, Wordpress CMS, Copywriting and Search engine optimisation

A vibrant gym in Gorleston, Great Yarmouth - with an eye on creating a well equiped workout environment, whilst providing excellent support for their members.

Our client required a website rebuild and design bursting with energy and a fresh look to replace their over cluttered website.

The design was tackled alongside  logical url structure that made navigation easy and intuitive. This website received an overhaul on the metadata and keyword otimisation on every page.

Our client has opted for ongoing support with creating new pages, new stories and adding newsletter functionality as a way of maintaining excellent communications with their visitors.

“Many, many thanks for all your work and advice in creating my new website and getting it online so efficiently. Many of us are aware that more often than not sales are now made online, I was really relieved to finally find you and your web services after talking to others before who failed to understand that many of us who run businesses have no idea of web design or search engine optimisation, dealing with you was a personal stress-free experience and I look forward to your continued support. Traditional values in an ever changing modern world.”

Fraser Christian

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